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AL 101: Arts & Letters Freshman Experience

Michigan State University Freshman seminar designed to improve students’ transition from high school to college, and enhance students’ undergraduate experience couched in the study of the arts and humanities.

AL 491: Special Topics in Arts & Letters

Michigan State University College of Arts & Letters general course code covering a variety of topics. Courses Kate has taught with this code have included:

  • 3-credit Study Away in Silicon Valley focused on accessibility in the tech industry
  • 3-credit Study Away in Los Angeles focused on the creative industry and local culture
  • 4-credit independent study focused on accessibility and applying the WCAG 2.0 guidelines
  • 1-credit course focused on ePortfolios for personal and professional growth

IAH 231C: Roles of Language in Society

Michigan State University interdisciplinary humanities course that examined language as a medium of culture, power, and social identity. Taught in Chengdu, China as part of an MSU study abroad program, this course focused on language acquisition, Global English, and China English.

WRD 103X: First Year Composition for Non-native English Speakers

DePaul University First-Year Writing course specifically designed for non-native English speaking students. Explored basic tenets of composition and rhetoric with a focus on the unique writing needs of students.

Using American English and Culture for Foreign Language Instruction

Integrative month-long course offered through WIESCO designed to explore language and pedagogy for K-12 English teachers in Lithuania. The course incorporated reading, writing, speaking, and listening using authentic materials that participants could take back to use in their own classrooms.